HERE OTA Connect is built for managing update campaigns to fleets of devices in the field. The Campaigns tab is where you create, monitor, and manage them. This brief video shows you how to create groups and update campaigns:

Creating a campaign

To make a campaign, you need to:

  • Give the campaign a name:

screenshot campaign 1
  • Select a package or image to install:

screenshot campaign 2
  • Select the version of the package you want to update from, the version to update to, and the affected ECUs/hardware IDs:

screenshot campaign 3
  • Select the target group or groups of devices:

screenshot campaign 4
  • Check the details selected, and launch the campaign:

screenshot campaign summary

Monitoring campaign status

Once you have some campaigns created, your campaigns tab will show you the status of your running and completed campaigns:

screenshot campaign overview

You can click an individual campaign to see its status in more detail:

screenshot campaign status detail