These guides will help you get your first device up and running with HERE OTA Connect. They’re designed to be easy getting started, and deliver a setup that’s appropriate for using OTA Connect as part of your development workflow. Once you’re ready to start using OTA Connect for production, there may be some extra steps you’ll want to take—​for example, taking control of your own key material and certificate authorities and using a hardware security module to store key material on your devices. To learn how to do that, you can read through our Moving to Production guides.

The absolute simplest way to get started is to build a basic Yocto system and deploy it. You can do that on a Raspberry Pi to see OTA Connect running on a real device, or via QEMU to just get a feel for how it works. Alternatively, you can start with Automotive Grade Linux, or if you’re already an experienced embedded developer with a Yocto-based project of your own, you can add our meta-updater layer (and possibly a BSP layer) to your existing project.