OTA Connect User Guide

Upload software versions

Follow this procedure if you want to work with software packages rather than software images. It is also useful if you want to test that your devices can detect and download new file updates.

If your software signing keys are taken offline, you won’t be able to upload new software packages via OTA Connect. Use the garage-sign tool on the command line instead.

Otherwise, the most efficient way to upload a software version is to build software images that contain your new software versions. The software images are automatically uploaded during the build process. You can find more information about this process in the Add software to your Yocto image section of the OTA Connect Developer guide.

You are responsible for the content of the software versions and their impact on the devices. Ensure that you have tested them and can provide the necessary support for your end users.

To upload a software version:

  1. Go to the Software versions tab.

  2. In the upper-right corner, under the name of your active environment, click Upload software.

  3. In Software name, specify the name of your software version.

  4. In Software version, specify the number or name of your software version.

  5. From Control unit types, select the type or types of the engine control unit (ECU) for which your software version is intended.

  6. Click Choose a file, and then select the needed file that contains your software version.

    You can upload one file at a time. The progress bar will show how much data has been processed. You can also cancel the file upload before the data has been entirely processed.

    On the portal, the maximum file size limit for uploads is 1 GB. If you want to upload larger files (up to 15 GB), use the garage-sign tool on the command line.
  7. Click Upload.

    If your software is uploaded successfully, you see the "Software uploaded" message.

  8. Click Done.

The new software version appears in the software version list.

If you want to upload another version of the same software, you can repeat this process and enter a newer version number.

You can now use the new software version to create a software update.