OTA Connect User Guide

What is a software update?

A software update is a set of instructions that you can use in a campaign. These instructions specify the software versions that should be updated.



Before you create a software update, make sure that you have provisioned target devices and uploaded new software versions.

Here is why these two prerequisites are important:

  • You need to know what control unit (ECU) types are available.

    When you provision devices in your group, OTA Connect collects information about the different types of ECUs that are installed on your devices and the software versions that they are currently running. Then, OTA Connect provides you with a list of ECU types that were detected across your group.

  • You need to know what software versions are compatible with your targeted ECUs.


    When you upload new software versions, you should specify a target ECU in your build configuration or the OTA Connect user interface. This allows OTA Connect to store lists of software versions that are compatible with each ECU type.