OTA Connect User Guide

Rename a custom device field

You can change names of your custom device fields on the OTA Connect Portal.

To rename a custom device field:

  1. Go to the Devices tab.

  2. Next to Custom device fields, click the cogwheel.

  3. In the Custom device fields dialog box, next to the title of the field that you want to rename, click the pencil icon.

  4. Rename the field.

    The name should not repeat the other field names. It also should not be less than one character or exceed 20 characters and can only contain ASCII characters [a–zA–Z0–9], spaces, underscores ( _ ), and hyphens (-).
  5. Click the save icon, and then click Close.

    The custom device field now has the new name in the list of device filters and smart groups that are based on it. The field values remain unchanged.

You can also change the values of your custom device fields and add or delete your fields.