OTA Connect User Guide

Monitor Campaigns

After you launch a campaign you can open the Campaign Details to monitor the progress of the campaign and look for any installation issues.

To see the Campaign Details, follow these steps:

Click Campaigns and click a status tab.

  • Assuming your campaign is still running you would click the Running tab.

  • If your campaign is a test campaign, it might finish quickly, in which case, you’ll find it on the Finished tab

In the campaign list, click your campaign.

You should see the progress details for your campaign.


You’ll see a summary of all the update attempts for each device grouped by status:

Success indicates the number of devices where the software was successfully updated.

Queued indicates the number of devices that are still waiting to be updated.

  • These devices might be offline or the OTA Connect server is waiting until a previous batch of updates has completed.

Failure indicates the number of devices where the update attempt failed.

  • If there are update failures, the campaign details include a breakdown by individual failure code.

  • To get a list of individual devices affected by the failure code, click the Export image::download.png[Icon,20,20] button next to the relevant failure code.

Not Processed indicates devices that weren’t processed by the OTA Connect server for some strange reason.

Not Impacted indicates devices that were targeted by the campaign by were ignored because they did not match the criteria of the selected update.

  • A common cause for this status is when the device is not running the same version of the software that is defined in the From criteria of the update.

Canceled indicates updates that were canceled either on the device itself or from the device details page of an individual device.