OTA Connect User Guide

Manage members in environments

You can add colleagues to your environments to collaborate on devices, device groups, software versions, software updates, and campaigns. For example, you may need to collaborate with your developers on device provisioning. People that you want to add to your environment must have an OTA Connect account.

It is not recommended to add members to home environments because owners cannot leave or be removed from them. Instead, create a new environment because creators can leave or be removed from additional environments.

Also, you can remove members from the environments to which you have access, but you cannot remove environment owners.

To manage members in the environments to which you have access:

  1. Go to the Environments tab.

  2. Click the environment in which you want to manage members.

    The page with environment details opens.

  3. In the Members list, do one of the following:

    • To add a member:

      1. Click Add member.

      2. Specify the email of the user that you want to add to the environment.

      3. Click Add.

        The new member appears in the Members list and has access to all the resources in the environment.

        The user should be registered in OTA Connect before you add them to the environment. Otherwise, they will not see the environment. If the user is added before they are registered, for the user to see the environment, remove the user, register this user, and then add again.
    • To remove a member:

      1. Next to the email of the member that you want to remove, click Remove.

        You can remove a member with the Creator label but not the member with the Owner label as it is their home environment. To learn more about environments, see What is an environment.
      2. In the Remove member dialog box, click Yes, remove.

        The member that you removed can no longer access the resources in the environment.