OTA Connect User Guide

Manage access to features

If you are an environment owner, creator, or have the Access Manager access rights, you can give or restrict access to features for other members of the environment. You cannot restrict access to the Manage feature access feature for yourself, environment owners, and environment creators. Members with the Fully restricted access rights cannot use any of the environment features.

You can restrict access to features on the OTA Connect Portal, but you cannot restrict access at the API level.

To manage access to features:

  1. Go to the Environments tab.

  2. Click the environment in which you want to manage access to features.

    The page with environment details opens.

  3. From the Members list, select a user for whom you want to manage access.

    In the Feature access section, you can find which features the selected user can already access.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To give access to a feature, select a check box next to it.


      Now, the user has access to the allowed feature in this environment.

    • To restrict access to a feature, clear a check box next to it.


      Now, the user has no access to the restricted feature in this environment on the OTA Connect Portal.