OTA Connect User Guide

Leave an environment

If you are no longer involved in a software update project and do not need access to environment resources, you can leave this environment, but you cannot leave your home environment.

To leave an environment:

  1. Go to the Environments tab.

  2. Click the environment that you want to leave.

    The page with environment details opens.

  3. If you are the only member who can manage feature access, before you leave the environment, allow another member to manage environment features.

    For instructions, see Manage access to features.

  4. In the Members list, next to your email, click Leave.

    If you are the only member of the environment, after you leave it, the environment will be permanently deleted.
  5. In the Leave environment dialog box, click Yes, leave.

You are no longer a member of this environment and cannot access its resources. If you want to join the environment again, an environment member should add you to it.