OTA Connect User Guide

What is an environment?

An environment is your working space where you can create and manage software update projects.

Upon registration, you become the owner of one home environment. In the Members list of the environment, next to your email, you can find the Owner label. As an environment owner, you cannot leave or be removed from your home environment. If you want to delete it, you have to cancel your account and contact us.

If you want to collaborate with your colleagues on different software update projects and be able to leave the collaboration space at any time, it is recommended to create new environments. You can create up to 10 additional environments. For example, you may need to have different environments for pre-production and production. In the environments that you created after registration, in the Members list, next to your email, you can find the Creator label. As an environment creator, you can leave or be removed from it.

The limit of 10 additional environments applies even if you leave the environments that you have created. There is currently no way to delete environments.

All environments are isolated for security. If you provision a device in one environment, you cannot access it from another environment. One device can be provisioned and connected only to one environment. For example, if you provision a device in the production environment, it can match different groups inside your production environment, but you cannot target this device in groups of the pre-production environment. If you want to move a device to a different environment, you have to reprovision it.

You can still use the same software in different environments simultaneously. For example, you can first upload your software to the pre-production environment for testing, and then decide which of the tested versions you want to upload to your production environment. To upload software, use the garage-deploy and garage-sign tools on the command line.

If you need to test your software on the same devices that you use for production, instead of creating different environments for pre-production and production, create different groups inside one environment.

If you need to work together with colleagues on device provisioning, device groups, software versions, software updates, and campaigns, you can add your colleagues to your environment. You can also become a member of other environments and collaborate on their projects. If you no longer need to access resources in other environments, you can always leave them.

In the environments to which you have access, you can add and remove members as well as switch between the environments. You can also manage access to features in the environments that you own, created, or have the Access Manager access rights.