OTA Connect User Guide

Get a provisioning key

To provision devices, you need to attach individual credentials and certificates to a device. HERE OTA Connect automates this process for you: you can use the same unmodified disk image on many different devices and register each device with OTA Connect when you boot it for the first time.

To get a provisioning key:

  1. Go to the Credentials (provisioning) tab of your profile.

  2. Click Add key.

  3. In the Add new key dialog box, specify the key description, select its period of validity, and then click Add key.


The .zip file is added to the list of credentials. The file contains the provisioning key and credentials that your build system uses to publish images. You do not need to unzip the file. Save it somewhere on your computer. You will need the file when you set up your Yocto build or configure the HERE OTA Connect client.

For a more in-depth technical description of device provisioning, see Device Provisioning Methods. To learn how to provision devices with a custom device ID, see Configure your own device IDs.