OTA Connect User Guide

What is a Campaign?

The term "campaign" is borrowed from the advertising and marketing industry. For example, you might run a online advertising campaign with content that is targeted to a specific a audience. A campaign would run for a specific period of time and during that time you would regularly check in to see how your campaign is performing.

In the context of software updates, the "audience" is your end users. As explained in the Device Groups section, groups provide you with a way to segment your audience based on the attributes of your devices.

The "content" of a campaign is defined in an update configuration because the update configuration specifies the software to deliver.

So when you create a campaign, you need to specify these two critera:

Table 1. Key Criteria for a Campaign
Device Groups Update Configuration

These groups form your target audience. Devices are typically grouped by attributes such as region and model.


The update configuration defines the new software that each device should receive.

It also refines your targeting criteria by specifying the hardware and software prerequisites for the target devices.

A campaign also includes settings that affect the end user experience.

Before you create a campaign, you also need to consider other criteria such as end user consent.

  • Is this update going to disrupt the end user’s experience?

  • Do they need to provide their consent before installing the update?

  • How do you communicate the purpose of the update to the end user?

You can request the end user’s consent and write a notification text in the "Consent" section of the campaign wizard.