OTA Connect User Guide

Add a custom device field

If you want to add new custom device fields, upload a new or modified delimiter-separated file.

When you add a file, pay attention to the following details:

  • The DeviceID column should be the first column. The order of other columns is not important as they will be completely overwritten.

  • You can have no more than 20 custom device fields in one file.

To add custom device field, modify your file in the following way:

  1. In the first column, specify all of the device IDs to which you want to add a new custom device field.

    If you do not include a device ID in the file, its field names and values do not change. Therefore, when you add a new field, make sure to add all the devices in the file.

  2. In the next columns, specify all the existing custom device fields and the related values.

  3. In the last column, specify the name of the new custom device field and all its values.

You can now use the new field to target devices to smart groups.

Example 1. Add a field

In your future campaign, February Update - Premium Berlin, you want to target all your premium devices that are in Berlin.

You have already created the Trim level custom device field. Now, you need to add the City field with the Berlin value.

The file you upload should look like this:

DeviceID;Trim level;City

For a campaign, you want to create a Premium Berlin smart device group, and set it to target devices that match the following filter criteria:

  • The Trim level field contains the Premium value.

  • The City field contains the Berlin value.

    You get three matching devices.


Now, you can target the Premium Berlin group in the February Update - Premium Berlin campaign.

You can also change the values of your custom device fields and rename or delete your fields.