OTA Connect Developer Guide

Troubleshooting BSP Integration

U-Boot loading the wrong config file

U-Boot finds its initial configuration file by looping through the partitions in order and searching for uEnv.txt first in /, then in /boot/. If U-Boot isn’t loading the correct initial file, you should check the partitions layout, and see if there’s a vendor-provided uEnv.txt in a partition that comes physically before the one you’ve placed the OSTree initial uEnv.txt.

Vendor’s environment setup script overrides values that meta-updater has set.

Values specified in local.conf have the highest priority in a Yocto build. Most vendors provide a setup script for the build environment that also generates a local.conf with many values pre-populated. In some cases, those values can conflict with changes that the meta-updater makes.

For the LS1043ARDB, the environment setup script added a line to the local.conf that overrode the INITRAMFS_IMAGE value. To fix this, you need to specify the correct value in your local.conf when you build:

INITRAMFS_IMAGE = "initramfs-ostree-image"

Further Information

Building an integration with a new board involves dealing with several different systems. See the following links for more information on this: