OTA Connect Developer Guide

Configure your own device IDs

In OTA Connect, a device has two types of identifiers: an internal device UUID and a standard device ID. By default, OTA Connect generates a random device ID for you, but you can also create your own device ID. You can later use this unique device ID to create custom device fields and group devices.

You can create a custom device ID in one of the following ways:

  • Specify your unique device ID in the aktualizr configuration. For more information, see the reference documentation.

  • If you use the device-credential provisioning method, when you generate a device certificate, update the following command with your custom device ID:

    export device_id=${DEVICE_ID:-$\{DEVICE_UUID}}
    Example 1. Custom device ID

    You want to use the following vehicle identification number (VIN) as your device ID: SAJWA1C78D8V38055.

    export device_id=SAJWA1C78D8V38055

OTA Connect will not generate a new device ID but use the device ID that you have defined in your device certificates.