OTA Connect Developer Guide

Reporting problems

Contacting HERE OTA Connect support

If you encounter a problem with HERE OTA Connect and the Troubleshooting article doesn’t address it, please contact otaconnect.support@here.com and we’ll do our best to help! To help us diagnose your issue, please provide us with as much information as possible. What follows are some useful artifacts as well as how to retrieve them.

aktualizr logs with debug logging

By default, aktualizr writes logs to the systemd logger, which you can read with journalctl -u aktualizr. If you run aktualizr manually on the commandline, the logging is printed on stdout. The default loglevel is 2 (info). Lower loglevels are more verbose. To change the loglevel, there are two options:

  • To build a new image with debug logging enabled, add IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " aktualizr-log-debug " to your local.conf and bitbake a new image. See the meta-updater usage article for more details.

  • To enable debug logging on a device accessible via the commandline without building a new image, stop the aktualizr service on the device (systemctl stop aktualizr) and manually start aktualizr on the commandline, e.g. aktualizr --loglevel 0.

Output of aktualizr-info

See the debugging tips for more information.

aktualizr version

On an active device accessible via the commandline, enter aktualizr --version. Otherwise, you can examine the aktualizr recipe in meta-updater in your build environment and look for the SRCREV variable. This recipe will normally be located (relative to your Yocto build directory) at ../meta-updater/recipes-sota/aktualizr/aktualizr_git.bb.

aktualizr configuration

If you are able to run aktualizr with loglevel 0, the final configuration will be printed to the log when aktualizr starts. See the aktualizr configuration options article for more information.

If you are having problems with Secondaries, please also send us the Secondary JSON configuration file for the Primary (secondary_config_file) described in the same article.

Yocto release branch and layers used to build the image

If you have the Android repo tool available and initialized your build environment with it (such as via the updater-repo), you can run repo manifest -r to print out all of the layers you are using and the revisions that are checked out.

If Android repo is not available or was not used, please send us your bblayers.conf file, which normally can be found in the conf subdirectory of your bitbake build directory. Please also let us know which Yocto release branch you are using.

See the Yocto release branches article for more information.

Yocto configuration

For problems with bitbaking, please send us your local.conf file, which normally can be found in the conf subdirectory of your bitbake build directory.

aktualizr-secondary logs

If you are using aktualizr-secondary and having a problem with it, its logs may be helpful as well. aktualizr-secondary logs in the same way as aktualizr on the Primary, except for the name of the application.

aktualizr-secondary configuration

The aktualizr-secondary configuration may be helpful if applicable. aktualizr-secondary is configured similarly to aktualizr on the Primary, and it also prints the entire final configuration to the log if loglevel 0 is used.