OTA Connect Developer Guide

Evaluate OTA Connect

Here are our recommendations for evaluating OTA connect:

  • Use shared credential provisioning for your devices

    With shared-credential provisioning, you don’t have to worry about installing certificates on your devices. The OTA Connect server automatically does this for you. All you need to do is download a provisioning key that is unique to your account, and all your devices can share it.

  • Use the standalone aktualizr client to test the OTA functionality

    You don’t need to do anything extra to use the standalone aktualizr client. It’s actually part of our demo build configurations, so the aktualizr client is included in the disk image that you’ll build.

    If you prefer to simulate an OTA-enabled device without building a disk image, you can install the aktualizr client on your development computer. In this case, however, you won’t be able to try out OSTree functionality—​the client will simply download and verify binaries, dropping them into a configurable location on your filesystem.

  • Build disk images using our demo recipes

    We support a couple of demo boards "out of the box". You don’t need to worry about complex build configurations at this stage. Just follow one of our quick start guides to learn how to build an OTA-enabled disk image.