OTA Connect Developer Guide

Add OTA functionality to an existing Yocto project

If you already have a Yocto-based project, you can start your functional integration with HERE OTA Connect by following these four steps:

  1. Clone the meta-updater layer and add it to your bblayers.conf.

  2. Clone a BSP integration layer (meta-updater-${PLATFORM}, e.g. meta-updater-raspberrypi) and add it to your conf/bblayers.conf. If your board isn’t supported yet, you could write a BSP integration for it yourself. See Adding support for your board for more details.

  3. Set up your distro. If you are using "poky", the default distro in Yocto, you can change it in your conf/local.conf to poky-sota or to poky-sota-systemd. Alternatively, if you are using your own or a third-party distro configuration, you can add the following parameters to it, thus combining the capabilities of your distro with meta-updater features.

    INHERIT += " sota"
    DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " sota systemd usrmerge"
  4. Create a provisioning key and add it to your local.conf.

You can then build your image as usual, with bitbake. After building the root file system, bitbake will then create an OSTree-enabled version of it, commit it to your local OSTree repo, and push it to OTA Connect. Additionally, a live disk image will be created (normally named ${IMAGE_NAME}.wic e.g. core-image-minimal-raspberrypi3.wic).

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