OTA Connect Developer Guide

Set up additional environments

An environment is your working space in your OTA Connect account, where you can create and manage software update projects.

If you do not want to mix up test and production software during integration with OTA Connect, you may create additional environments. You can create up to 10 additional environments in one OTA Connect account.

For example, you may need to have different environments for development, QA, and production.

The limit of 10 additional environments applies even if you leave the environments that you have created. There is currently no way to delete environments.

Environments for production workflow

To manage the different stages of production workflow, you should create the following additional environments:

  • A developer environment

  • A QA environment

  • A production environment

These environments provide you with a convenient way to separate your development, QA, and production resources.

After you create an environment, you can add your colleagues to work together on device provisioning, device groups, software versions, software updates, and campaigns.

To get more information on the Environments feature, see the Environments section in the OTA Connect User Guide.