OTA Connect Developer Guide


The Yocto Project is an open source collaborative project that provides standardized high-quality infrastructure, tools, and methodology to help decrease the complexity and increase the portability of Linux implementations in the embedded industry. It enables its users to build custom operating systems using specific recipes for embedded devices. Most commercial embedded Linux distros already use and/or support Yocto, including Wind River and Enea. It’s backed by major hardware vendors like Intel, AMD, Freescale, Mentor, Texas Instruments, and many others. If you need a highly performant customized Linux for your embedded device, whether it’s IoT, automotive, or other kinds of mobility devices, the Yocto project is probably what you’re using.

HERE Technologies has created a meta-updater layer for Yocto, making it easy to get over-the-air update support into your devices. In many cases, it’s as simple as adding meta-updater and a board support integration layer to your project and re-running bitbake. The main features of the meta-updater layer are OSTree and our OTA update client, aktualizr. OSTree handles the filesystem versioning, and aktualizr communicates with the server, downloads updates, and cryptographically verifies them following the Uptane framework.