OTA Connect Developer Guide

Update a device with the sample software

Once you’ve uploaded a few different software versions, you can try to push that software to a device that doesn’t yet have the version installed.

If you have more than one Raspberry Pi lying around, you could use the disk image that you created in the Raspberry Pi build instructions. Flash that image to your second Raspberry Pi and boot it up. Otherwise, you could start another QEMU instance based on the same disk image but with a different mac address.

After your second device boots, it should automatically provision with OTA Connect.

  • Log in to the OTA Connect Portal and check that second devices shows up in the last of mostly recently provision devices.

    This list appears on the Dashboard that you see after you log in. If you see your second device, you’re ready to send it an update.

To install a software version on a single device:

  1. Go to the Devices tab.

  2. Select the needed device.

  3. In the Hardware section, select the needed control unit type.

  4. On the Software pane, select the software that you want to install.

    You see a list of all applicable versions of the selected software.

  5. Select the version that you want to install.

    On the Properties pane, you can find more details about the selected software version. The status should be Not Installed.

  6. If the status of the software version is Not Installed, on the Properties pane, scroll down and click Install.


OTA Connect remotely installs the software version on your device.