OTA Connect Developer Guide

Add OTA functionality to an existing Yocto project

If you already have a Yocto-based project that you want to update using HERE OTA Connect, you just need to do four things to get started:

  1. Clone the meta-updater layer and add it to your bblayers.conf.

  2. Clone a BSP integration layer (meta-updater-${PLATFORM}, e.g. meta-updater-raspberrypi) and add it to your conf/bblayers.conf. If your board isn’t supported yet, you could write a BSP integration for it yourself. See the [Adding support for your board] section for the details.

  3. Set up your distro. If you are using "poky", the default distro in Yocto, you can change it in your conf/local.conf to "poky-sota". Alternatively, if you are using your own or a third-party distro configuration, you can add INHERIT += " sota" to it, thus combining the capabilities of your distro with meta-updater features.

  4. Create a provisioning key and add it to your local.conf.

You can then build your image as usual, with bitbake. After building the root file system, bitbake will then create an OSTree-enabled version of it, commit it to your local OSTree repo, and push it to OTA Connect. Additionally, a live disk image will be created (normally named ${IMAGE_NAME}.-sdimg-ota e.g. core-image-raspberrypi3.rpi-sdimg-ota). You can control this behavior through OTA Connect-related variables in your local.conf.

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